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Power Flush

Powerflush™ sends a special cleaning solution through your central heating system under high pressure. It clears the harmful sludge which builds up over time as a result of the reaction between water and steel radiators. It revitalises older central heating systems and it's definitely worth the worth the investment if you are installing a new boiler otherwise its performance will always be less efficient than it should be'.

Central Heating Problems?

Then a Power Flush could be the answer…

  • Is the system slow to start up?
  • Are some radiators completely or partially cold?
  • Do your radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Radiators with pin hole perforations and leakages?
  • Is the radiator water dirty and discoloured
  • ‘Kettling’ noises from your boiler
  • Frequent pump failure?

Any of these symptoms could indicate that your system has circulation and flow problems, resulting in corrosion and the formation of rust, sludge and scaling.

With corrosion within central heating systems accounting for 90% of all system / boiler failures and to ensure maximum efficiency from your new boiler, B.R. Plumbing & Heating Services recommends Powerflush.

How does it work?

The pump is connected to your central heating system so that the high water velocity and instantaneous flow reversing device, dislodge and mobilise sludge and corrosion deposits.

Having loosened the debris, the pump forcibly expels it through the system. During the Power Flush, eachradiator is individually flushed without having to disconnect it.

At the end of the flushing process, which takes between 2 and 5 hours, your central heating system contains fresh water and an inhibitor is added to prevent future corrosion.

Any side affects?

Occasionally, where corrosion is already evident, the process can expose a pin hole in a radiator that was being blocked by rust or debris.

Whilst this could cause a leak and result in a new radiator being required, at this advanced stage of corrosion, this would have occurred imminently anyway, with or without the Power Flushing process – better you are prepared and not away on holiday!

The Benefits?

  • Cures flow and circulation problems
  • Restores system efficiency, and possibly reducing bills
  • Restores heat output to radiators
  • Reduces boiler ‘kettling’
  • Often a requirement to extend boiler warranties and by providers of Central Heating Insurance Cover.

The Costs?

Prices will vary from system to system so for an accurate cost, please contact us at

To find out more or for a free, no-obligation quote, call us on 0779 391 7458 or email us at

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